3. Forgive me my dear
    My eyes wandered with my flickering heart
    I took the path less known
    Drawn in by the idea of something new
    And as I walked further away
    The more certain I became I would never return

  4. Michael Caine
    Dashing. He was quite the looker.

  5. Typewriting
    There’s something appealing about a guy who smokes while typewriting.

  6. Newton Hylton

  7. Robert McGinnis
    Sexy and seductive. Enough said. 

  8. Youth Culture - Mods

  9. Tango
    Such an intimate dance style, it always has something beautiful to offer. 

  10. Aretha Franklin ‘The Queen of Soul’
    That kind of night where Aretha Franklin’s ‘Today I Sing the Blues’ is on replay. 


  11. "Do not fight what you cannot change-" - ‘Fragments’ by Heraclitus. 

  12. Johnny Cash
    'Hurt' and 'Folsom Prison Blues' will definitely have to be two of my favourite songs by Cash. His bass-baritone voice never fails to give me goosebumps. 

  13. Vans California “Birds” Authentic CA Pack Fall/Winter 2012.

  14. Angus and Julia Stone.
    They create beautiful music together and as solo artists. Never get tired of listening to their music. My all time favourties.

  15. Skateboarding in the 60’s.